Glory …

Glory - April 2018

Glory looks content.


Gch Marquee Storm Warning Wins Again!

Twister Win April 2018

Gch. Marquee Storm Warning wins again – this time taking the breed at the Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland!

Twister is from our Surge/Lira litter, born March 29, 2016.

He was co-bred by Sonya Urquhart and me!  Twister lives with Sonya in Alabama.

Brittany Phelps does a wonderful job showing Twister!

Grace is a Big Winner!

Grace Winners April 2018

Grace (Tyrone High Society) did some major winning in Chilliwack, BC last weekend!

Congratulations to her owner Tricia Ewacha and her owner/breeder Lana Campbell.

Grace is the daughter of our boy, Justice!

Pretty girl!

New Champion!

Rollie Win - April 2018

Meet Ch. Hooligan Rollin’ Semair (“Rollie”).  (His name means “rolling in the clover,” since he was born outside in the grass!)

Rollie is owned and loved by Jeffrey Bratton and Tiffany Walter.

Rollie is the son of our boy, Surge!

Congratulations to both of you!

Crumpet’s Ribbons!

Ribbons - April 2018

Here are Crumpet’s ribbons and prizes from the specialty weekend!



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